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INA new environmental protection material bearings

Date:2012-03-27 From:未知 Hit:

  Recently, INA launched a new model of environmental protection material bearing--metal polymer composite INA bearings, it's main characteristic is environmental protection, low wear of sliding characteristics, maintenance-free or low maintenance and longer rated life. INA new environmental protection material bearing main material is metal polymer composites combined plastics with metal material, it is lead-free in the new material, so that to protect environment. If applied the new INA environmental protection material bearing to mechanical motion with swing, it's life is 2 times of ordinary bearing.

  INA bearings with new environmental protection material is very versatile, and mainly used in the field of fluid technology, sports equipment, medical material equipment or electronic equipment, automobile industry, machinery, building, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicle, equipment、tools and hinge fields and so on.